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Unparalleled Game Observability!

Analyzing in-match player behavior to deliver ground breaking insights. Know everything about your game and players.

This is a game changer

Make Informed Decisions with
Out of the Box Analytics.

Make Informed Decisions with Out of the Box Analytics.

Get started with our core analytics tool for free, whether you're an indie or a studio. So if you want to get cracking, just download the SDK and start analyzing.

Know Your Players

Get player activity, retention, playtime, DAU, reputation and LTV reports, player hit-maps, statistics, in-match trends and behaviors. See your players, literally; with our online FPS Modeler for all your streamed matches.

Balance Everything

See if your game is balanced, from character and weapons damage stats to team matchmaking balance reports. Taking into account things like in-match damage and weapon usage lets us be as granular as you want us to be.

Answer Everything

Get answers to questions such as which weapon/character is favorable, what map/mode has the most play time, where should loot boxes be dropped in-map to get the most exposure, what are the typical movement and exposure patterns of players and much more.

Simply SaaS

Getgud is a server side solution with no client side anything. We rely on a stream of data your server already has, sent via SDK or game file parser. Our approach does not degrade game performance, supports all FPS games and works on all platforms, including PC, PlayStation, XBOX and mobile.

We also see toxic players

Complete Protection To Your Game!

Getgud autonomously analyzes in-match player behavior and detects toxic ones, including griefers such as campers, spawn killers and boosters to cheaters such as aimbotters, wallhackers and speedhackers.

Stop player churn.
Increase player retention.
Make your game toxic free!

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