10 game analytics metrics to track for success in 2023

Game metrics are invaluable, providing insights into player behavior, retention, monetization, and overall game performance. But with hundreds of potential metrics to track, it can be challenging to discern which are most pertinent. Here we delve into the top five game analytics metrics you should start tracking for successful game development in 2023 and beyond. We’ll also show how Gethud.io, a toxicity protection and analytics platform, can be instrumental in analyzing and improving these metrics.

Essential Metrics

1. Daily Active Users (DAUs)

DAUs represents the tally of distinct users who initiate a minimum of one game engagement on any specified day. A surge in DAU implies increased player interaction, a crucial factor determining the triumphant status of your game. Getgud.io is an efficient tool for generating precise DAU numbers that aids in tracing the development of your game’s audience over a given period. You can choose how to calculate DAU and where to show it on Getgud dashboard!

2. Sessions

Every time a user opens your game, it counts as a session. More sessions suggest more game engagement. To gain insights into player engagement, focus on measuring the average number of sessions per DAU. Getgud’s analytics dashboard provides you with detailed session data, helping you gain a closer look at user engagement levels.

3. Retention Rate

A critical game analytics metric to track is the Retention Rate, which provides insights into how long players stay engaged in your game. High retention rates indicate that players find your game interesting and engage with it over a prolonged period. Getgud’s advanced analytics features offer detailed retention data, helping you understand your game’s performance, and guiding your strategies to improve player retention.

4. Conversion Rate

The Conversion Rate measures the percentage of unique users who make a purchase within your game. High conversion rates reflect effective monetization strategies.

5. Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU)

ARPDAU is a common game metric that provides valuable insights into your game’s financial performance. It is calculated by dividing the total revenue from a given day by the number of active users for that day. A higher ARPDAU implies better monetization.

Advanced Game Metrics

Getgud.io goes beyond the standard game analytics metrics, offering an in-depth analysis of advanced metrics that can fine-tune your game design, improve player experience, and grow your user base. Here are some key advanced game analytics metrics you should consider tracking with Getgud.io:

Player Activity and Behavior Metrics

Getgud provides detailed reports on player activity, encompassing aspects like playtime, in-match trends, and behavior patterns. It also comes with a unique FPS Modeler, allowing you to visually analyze player movement and strategies in real-time.

Game Balance Metrics

Achieving a well-balanced game can mean the difference between success and failure. Getgud offers granular data on character and weapon damage stats, enabling you to fine-tune game mechanics and ensure fair play. It also provides matchmaking balance reports, ensuring your matchmaking process pairs players of equivalent skill levels, fostering a more engaging gaming experience.

Strategic Insights

Getgud provides strategic insights, such as most favored weapons or characters, most played map or mode, and suggestions for loot box placements. These insights can guide your game development decisions, ensuring you cater to player preferences and optimize game engagement.

Toxic Player Detection

Promoting a healthy gaming environment is essential to retain players. Getgud’s advanced tools detect toxic player behaviors such as camping, spawn killing, and boosting, as well as cheating actions like aimbotting, wallhacking, and speedhacking. By identifying and addressing toxic behavior, you can ensure a positive gaming environment, leading to increased player retention.

Game Performance Metrics

Getgud operates as a server-side solution with zero client-side interference, ensuring it doesn’t hinder game performance. It offers performance analytics across various platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, mobile), supporting all First-Person Shooter (FPS) games.

By tracking these advanced game analytics metrics with Getgud, you can have a holistic understanding of your game’s performance, providing you with actionable insights to improve game design, player experience, and ultimately, your game’s success rate. Stay ahead of the curve in 2023 and beyond by capitalizing on these advanced metrics with Getgud.


In a nutshell, being mindful of these key game analytics metrics and leveraging advanced tools like Getgud can propel your game’s success in 2023 and beyond. Besides these primary metrics, GetGud also offers more advanced insights into in-game behavior, game balance, toxic player detection, and much more.

By staying informed of your game’s metrics, you can gain knowledge on player behavior and engagement, guiding your game development decisions and strategies, and ultimately leading to more successful games.

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