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We are getgud and we make online games toxic free!

Toxicity in online games is on the rise; both cheaters and griefers cause a really bad experience for gamers, in turn causing a 16% player churn – that’s $1.6B a year direct cost.

Now, with new, undetectable AI cheats, toxic players are growing exponentially, causing havoc on the gaming community. This is real and happening now.

It’s not all bad news though 🙂 Getgud.io Cleans online games from cheaters and griefers, making it a safe and toxic free environment.

Getgud leverages groundbreaking AI to detect toxic players in online first person shooters.  Our AI uses server side game data to Track, detract and report toxic players – If it’s toxic, we’ll catch it.

Getgud is making online games toxic free.
Stop cheating, Getgud!

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